Ligne Roset


The construction and function of this wall light are highly poetic, evoking the well-known game of noughts and crosses. It is possible to create one’s own personal decorative arrangement, in which one can vary the light intensity by selecting the number of crosses to be illuminated.

The basic set comprises 5 crosses made from matt black injected polycarbonate which are backlit by LEDs and clipped into a double L-shaped matt black lacquered steel wall frame. Each set may be used on its own, or may be combined with others (up to 6 in total). Dimensions of a single cross: H 9 W 9 D 2.5 cm. Each additional set may be connected to any of those crosses already installed. The possibilities for creating installations are thus limitless. Each cross turns 45°: turn to the left to switch off the current, or to the right to let it continue. In this way a multitude of light trails may be created. Each set of 5 crosses is equipped with LEDs totalling 10W, giving off a total of 780 lumens (the equivalent of a 65W incandescent bulb). Colour temperature: 3,000 K (warm white). 2.5 m black cable. The first cross serves as a general on-off switch.

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Meet the designer
Pierre Lapeyronnie

Born in 1982, Pierre Lapeyronnie grew up between Paris and South-Western France, where his grandfather – a blacksmith and self-taught engineer – had a factory producing tools and equipment for vineyards. He graduated from the Beaux-Arts de Bordeaux in 2006, having investigated the possible interactions between soundscapes and their individual uses. On his return to Paris he began working as a freelance project manager, working on numerous projects for various agencies including those of Nathalie Crinière (stand design) and Jean Nouvel (product design).

During this period he collaborated with craftsmen all over France, visiting them in their workshops to learn such basic skills as glass blowing, ironwork, ceramics, cutlery-making and cabinetmaking.

In March 2010 Pierre Lapeyronnie founded PLII, his industrial design agency. This agency works on various projects, both commissioned and self-initiated, focussing mainly on the design of high-quality products, rationally designed, imbuing each with several levels on which it can be ‘read’. His aesthetic approach is simple, precise and uncompromising.

Pierre Lapeyronnie lectures in product design at the School of Design of the Strate Collège de Sèvres. His course alerts students to industrial realities whilst guiding them through the entire economic life-cycle of a product, from the initial sketch through to the production stage.

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