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Introducing the Rolf Benz 921 dining table, a remarkable piece that seamlessly blends the warmth of traditional inns with contemporary design. Its spacious and minimalist design offers ample legroom, ensuring the perfect setting for a delightful dining experience with loved ones.

Crafted with premium materials, the Rolf Benz 921 table features a solid table top that is perfect for presenting any culinary creation of your choosing. From cozy family dinners to extravagant dinner parties, this table promises to be the perfect centerpiece for any occasion.

What sets this table apart is its unique styling – a wooden crossbeam at the base, providing a charming nod to the rustic ambiance of traditional inns. This crossbeam also serves as an ideal footrest, allowing guests to put their feet up and relax after a satisfying meal.

Meet the designer

BECK DESIGN is an office for design of furniture and artifacts. From the first idea sketch throughout the whole working and developing process we go along with the artifacts all the way to their series-production readiness. The main focus of our work lies in the continuous and intensive cooperation with the developing teams of our furniture manufacturers. With technical competence, the passion for design and a lot of empathy we develop innovative artifacts.

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