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Stainless steel kitchen mono-blocks designed for outdoor use. The cooking area characterises the AH01 kitchen: a professional plate, offering easy cleaning and maintenance, allows preparation of healthy and tasty food in a simple and quick way. It is a Teppanyaki plate in AISI304 stainless steel, selected in the melting phase to obtain the maximum performance in terms of hardness, compactness and thermal conductivity.

On this plate the fat molecules don’t penetrate into the steel and the food flavours are preserved. Cooking does not require any condiments and it is possible to cook different types of food in succession (meat, fish, vegetables) minimizing smoke and smells. The plate, equipped with protective anti-splash louvres, has a slight inclination towards the front side that allows both flow and collection of liquids into a hidden and removable front pan. AH01 consists of a tubular structure in AISI 316 stainless steel and features three separate modules: a cooking zone, a washing zone and a working zone, in wall-mounted or island versions. Or it features mono-blocks containing all three functions, also in wall-mounted or island versions. The mono-blocks are equipped with grid shelves in Iroko or black Paperstone®, a 100% eco-friendly matt material, made of recycled paper, vegetal resins and natural colours. The washing and/or BBQ cooking block feature a lid in black Paper-Stone®. The AH01 system can be completed by adding a large rectangular table with top made of Iroko wood staves, a bench and a service trolley in the same material.



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Meet the designer
Alessandro Andreucci & Christian Hoisl

1993 – 1999: Founding of System Design with Martin Dettinger, Developing kitchens, bathroom furniture, mobile homes, outdoor and office furniture for Poggenpohl, Franke, Bürstner, Ophelis, Burgbad, Kusch & co, Magis. and others

Own studio with projects for, Siemens (homeappliances), Gaggenau, Garpa (Outdoor), Weishäupl, Keuco (Bathroom Appliances), Schönbuch (Wardrobe Furniture) and others. Since 2004 also collaboration with Alessandro Andreucci.

Alessandro Andreucci

Born in Macerata, he gratuated in Mechanical Engineering in Bologna. From 1999 to 2001 he worked by System Design and Siemens Design&Messe, first as trainee and then as designer. From 2001 to 2004 he worked by iGuzzini lighting, as project manager of lighting projects assisting mainly the architecture offices of Renzo Piano in Paris and Ron Arad in London. Since 2004 owns industrial design studio with projetcs for Angelo Po (professional cooking equipment), Viabizzuno (lighting), Kaspar (office accessories), Arcahorn (luxury accessory), United Pets (dog accessory) and others.

Together they developed projects for Emu, Unopiu, Brunner (heating systems), Ernestomeda, Vlaemynck/Fermob, Garpa, Weishäupl, Boffi.

Projects for Boffi: slidingbars „Origine“ (2014), outdoorkitchen AH01 (2018)

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