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De Padova


“To be honest, all my lamps don’t shed much light; they are primarily objects”, said Paolo Tilche, the eclectic Milanese architect and entrepreneur. The Anna table lamp — a very simple conical lampshade with a single perforated steel rod that forms the base and houses the electric cable — is the creation that contradicts him. Its sleek lines shed both direct and indirect light by illuminating the surface below it and the walls, room and everything around it.

Meet the designer
Paolo Tilche

(1925 – 2003) Born in Egypt, he graduated from the Politecnico di Milano in 1949 and immediately started working as an architect developing both residential and industrial buildings. In 1955, he opened Arform, a design store in Milan. At the same time, he worked intensively as a designer for important brands such as Ideal Standard, Guzzini, Bonacina. He later hosted “Il piacere della casa“, archetype of the TV show dedicated to design.

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