De Padova


Danish architect Jens Risom is the author of many projects whose common denominator is design that focuses more on function than form. The Connecticut coffee table, which made its debut in 1965, is not just very clever: it’s also extremely elegant. The square wood frame supports a round top made of marble, available in different finishes, or clear glass.

Technical Specifications
FRAME: solid charcoal-stained aniline-dyed oak, finished with
transparent water-based or solvent-based coating.

TOP IN GLASS: extra clear glass, 15 mm thick, tempered, frosted,
matt black back-painted, with polished edge.

TOP IN MARBLE: white Carrara marble, Calacatta Oro, Valentine
Grey or Grey Stone, treated with water repellent products. Lower
reinforcement made of fibreglass mesh, embedded in epoxy re-
sins. Thickness 20 mm.

TOP IN COMPOSITE: MDI composite, 12 mm thic
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