Ligne Roset


The Elysée collection of settee, armchair and footstool was reconstructed by Ligne Roset using plans in the archives of Pierre Paulin.

If the aesthetics and the volumes of the original have been scrupulously respected, the comfort of the seats has been significantly improved through the use of the new materials now available and the highly specialised expertise of Ligne Roset in the field of multi-density foams and their assembly.
The compactness, graphic purity and visual lightness of the Elysée seating enables them to fit perfectly into small spaces such as city apartments.

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Technical Specifications
Seat in panels of OSB and multi-ply, cut and
clad in polyether foam and 100g/m² polyester
quilting. Back in panels of OSB and
mechanically-soldered steel clad in polyether
foam and 100g/m² polyester quilting. Base in
matt black lacquered machined MDF.

Seat with core in two densities of high resilience
polyurethane Bultex foam (38 kg/m3 - 3.6 kPa
and 32 kg/m3 - 2.5 kPa) with comfort layer in
Bultex foam (38 kg/m3 - 2.3 kPa) clad in 100
g/m² polyester quilting. Suspension of back via
elastic webbing and Bultex foam (26 kg/m3 - 1.4
kPa) clad in 100 g/m² polyester quilting.

Lines of the seat and back highlighted by twinneedle
Covers are held in place by gripper strips and
are removable.

A monocolour model which may be upholstered
in fabric or leather. If the original pieces in the
Elysée Palace were upholstered in oatmealcoloured
fabric, coloured wools will also bring a
touch of brightness and gaiety.
Meet the designer
Pierre Paulin

Born in Paris in 1927, made his début in the 50’s, known for his designs and installations (TV, Thonet, Bertrand Faure, Disderot, Artifort), he brought modernity to the Elysée Palace for President Pompidou in 1971. He designed all the furniture for the official office of François Mitterrand, and renovated the dining room for Jacques Chirac. At the same time, he founded ADSA with two associates, working on industrial projects (Calor, Allibert, Stamp) and brand image (Air France) as well as fitting-out railway stations (Gare de Lyon, Gare de Versailles Rive Gauche).

His pieces figure amongst the collections of numerous museums across the world, and various exhibitions have been dedicated to him in 2007/8. MOMA, New York has enlarged its collection of Paulin pieces.

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