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Ligne Roset


A re-release of a pioneering model from 1965, Saparella consists of a fireside chair, a diabolo and a footstool. This modular range of seating enables one to create and modify compositions as desired, on a terrace or in a garden. This composition, with its rounded, airy lines, issues an invitation to relaxation and conviviality and encourages one to make the most of a beautiful day.

The diabolo, the central element, draws inspiration from the toy of the same name. Its concave outline enables elements to be slotted together – since the fireside chair is convex – to create a comfortable seat offering three seat places.
The settee is made from two fireside chairs with a diabolo in the centre. The three elements are held together by a linking-piece made from mirror-polished stainless.

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Technical Specifications
Base and sides in polyether foam 28kg/m3 -
4.8kPa. The three items sit on a ventilated
Batyline-type fabric. Water runs off naturally
thanks to the convex shape of the seat.

Seat and back made from high resilience
polyurethane Bultex foam (36kg/m3 - 3.2 kPa),
clad in a comfort layer of high resilience
polyurethane Bultex foam (38 kg/m3 - 3.6 kPa).

Water-resistant inner liner, guaranteeing that
each item is waterproof. Cover quilted with
200g/m² polyester. 5mm baguette stitch.
Removable covers.
Meet the designer
Michel Ducaroy

Born into a family of industrialists and designers of contemporary furniture. Trained at the Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts, Lyon.

Having joined the Roset Company very early on, at a time of rapid growth, he has constant access to insightful marketing and a highly capable technical team. He has responsibility for the research, development and design submissions vital to ensuring the company’s brands ever-more secure positioning on the market. 

He designed a range of furniture for young people (chambre DN…), along with numerous upholstery models, settees and contract furniture (459 fireside chair…).

With the advent in the 1960’s and 1970’s of new materials such as foams, quilting and thermoformed plastics, he designed a large number of pieces for the domestic market : Adria, Koufra, Kashima, Safi, Kali…

…not least the model Togo, a ‘seat-cushion’ which still forms part of the Ligne Roset collection today.

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