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Ligne Roset


Inspired by both the traditional kilim, often constructed from horizontal and diagonal lines, and by the current graphic trend for multiplying geometric forms (stripes, polka-dots, squares, hexagons, etc.), Bertjan Pot’s Hex Hex rug brings together a wealth of small multicoloured triangles coloured in seemingly random fashion.

Their combinations and permutations offer a multitude of levels on which it can be ‘read’ geometrically: one finds triangular groupings of smaller triangles, diamond shapes, trapezoids, hexagons, chevrons…
The richness of their geometric construction, their coloration and their decoration makes these rugs so lively that they seem almost animated, offering a multiplicity of angles from which they may be ‘read’, much like the op art pieces of the 1960s.
Hand-woven kilim rug in 75 % wool / 15 % silk / 10 % other natural materials (cactus vegetable fibre). Please allow for a tolerance of +/- 3 % in terms of both length and width.

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