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R.I.G. Modules – Shelving System

Only a handful of components, that connects in numerous ways, all attached by using the universal screw; “R.‎I.‎G.‎ joint”, creates this diverse shelving system.‎ An uncompromised choice of materials and the graphic stabilizing system ensures a stunning stability.‎

The R.‎I.‎G.‎ is designed from the idea of joining simple principles; optimized use of materials, enhanced functionality and a minimalist expression.‎ By using well known construction techniques, we have created a series of furniture with an absolute generic appearance, that would allows the structure and the materials to perform as the ultimate leading characteristics.‎

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Meet the designer
Mikal Harrsen

In 2012 he established MA/U Studio together with Adam Hall. MA/U Studio is a brand with focus on
design that offer functional, timeless and minimalist furniture design of high quality.

“As a designer I live through visual impressions. A design object is to me like a picture to be developed
– the creative vision is captured mostly through the senses. I regard the design process as the
individual filter which I use when defining a physical form or object for this vision” – Mikal Harrsen.
With more than two decades of experience as an independent designer Mikal Harrsen has gained
solid know-how, and is recipient of several international design awards:
Red Dot Award
IF Design Award
Communication Arts Award
ADEX Platinum (American Design Award of excellence) Design Prize of e Federal Republic of Germany

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