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De Padova


Inaugurating the De Padova table collection back in 1987, Vidun is still one of the most famous, recognized and admired projects by Vico Magistretti. A masterpiece of interlocking pieces that bring to mind a ‘vidun’, which means big screw in the Milanese dialect, it is made of natural, white or black beech wood in coordinated shades — purple with turquoise and green, red with yellow and duckbill orange — or black walnut. The sculptural and perfectionist glass top reveals the base. “It is always the conceptual detail that attracts people’s attention”, said Vico Magistretti.

Rectangular or round table

Technical Specifications
BASE: solid Canaletto walnut, finished with transparent water-based or solvent-based coating.
Or in solid natural beech-wood finished with transparent water-based or solvent-based
coating (white or black) or aniline-dyed (violet-turquoise-green or red-yellow-goose beak yellow),
finished with transparent water-based or solvent-based coating.

TOP: extra clear tempered glass, 12 mm thick. Polished edge
Meet the designer
Vico Magistretti

Architect and designer, studied at Politecnico di Torino and Champ Universitarie Italien in Losanne. Graduated from Politecnico di Milano in 1945. immediately after graduating from Politecnico, Vico Magistretti began his career working with the architect Paolo Chessa at the firm owned and run by his father Pier Giulio Magistretti on via Conservatorio, now Fondazione Studio Magistretti aimed at promoting his life and career.

Important figure within the history of Italian architecture and Design, he made a name of himself thanks to designs, products and his academic career. Magistretti’s research has been continuous – into design, the culture of the project and innovative experimentation with materials and space solutions, not to mention shapes and functions far from the rigours of fashions that passed through during the years.

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