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Ligne Roset


This is the first time that Numéro 111 have worked on a rug, They played with the material to create reliefs by working on the texture, thus sketching out a landscape inspired by images from Google Earth. The idea was to create a space within a space, an exterior in one’s interior, with an idea of Travelling.

The rug becomes a domestic landscape. Graphic in appearance, the monochrome tone offers up nuances of shade depending on the light and can be read either abstractly or figuratively.
Hand tufted rug in 100 % wool (dark green, gris ardoise, gris lumière or pétrole foncé). The motif of the rug is created by means of varying tuft heights and finishes: bouclé, shaved and sculpted.

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Meet the designer

Numéro111 is composed of three separate individuals, Sophie Françon, Jennifer Julien and Grégory Peyrache.
Childhood friends from St-Etienne, the trio studied separately – at the Ecole supérieure d’Art et de Design de Saint-Etienne and the Ecole nationale supérieure d’Architecture de Saint-Etienne – then embarked on solo apprenticeships before coming together again to found Numéro111 in 2010.

They proclaim a global dialogue-based approach which is not limited to a single scale or discipline. The team comes together to work on a variety of projects in the fields of objects, furniture, architecture, interior design and scenography.

Appreciative of forms and materials, Numéro111 questions and invites, through its creations, a reflection on use which arises from the three distinct characters’ transversal view of our daily lives.

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