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Introducing the Vilna Table, a masterpiece of unparalleled sophistication that redefines the boundaries of visual elegance. Crafted with full-body stoneware, this table exudes a level of refinement rarely seen, captivating all who encounter it.

The Vilna Table features a seamless connection between the top and base, achieved through a robust frame that includes a plate for the legs to insert. This thoughtful design detail ensures a sturdy foundation while maintaining a minimalist aesthetic. The generous top, extending approximately 12 cm / 4.7” beyond the frame, creates an illusion of weightlessness, allowing the frame to blend seamlessly into the background.

The designers behind the Vilna Table have masterfully curated an innovative piece that transcends mere functionality to become a true design object. With its commanding top and sleek, sharpened metal base, this table stands as a testament to modern design excellence.

Meet the designer
Pagnon & Pelhaître

1977 : graduated in decorative arts
1978 : creation of the furniture department at Ensad
1979 : creation of Pagnon & Pelhaitre design
1981 : Amarante, Dariosecq
1982 : Sara, tables basses Habitat
1983 : First, Cinna

1984 : furniture for the programme ‘Formule 1 de France Gall’
1985 : Straty, Cinna
1986 : collection for Artelano
1987 : Domus collection, Ligne Roset
1988 : Atal desks
1989 : Scoop, Drimmer
1990 : Gong desks, Frezza italie
1991 : Dune living & bedroom furniture, Cinna (Roset group)
1992 : Mobile, Cinna
1993 : Treves research centre, groupe Treves
1994 : Treves factories, groupe Treves
1995 : Square, Ligne Roset
1996 : Treves training centre, groupe Treves
1997 : Yoyo tables, Ligne Roset. Macé desk
1998 : Treves head office, Fbg.St.Honore, groupe treves
1999 : Ipso Facto
2000 : Playtime, Espace Prive, Ligne Roset
2001 : Zinc Zinc restaurant. Familia, Mobalpa
2002 : PP900, Ligne Roset. Addform showroom
2003 : Travel, Ligne Roset. Tremois factory, groupe Treves
2004 : Cineline cinna
2005 : professors of furniture at Ensad. Strates, Ligne Roset
2006 : Schmidt kitchen
2007 : QM in china

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